When in your bathroom, do you worry that something doesn’t ‘feel right’? Perhaps you look around trying to work out what it is and then you recognize the issue; the shower screen in your bathroom looks old and has seen better days!

This is a common problem that many homes probably face at some point. Normally, people update other areas of the home first such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen or the backyard. However, from Bella Vista’s point of view, the bathroom should be top of the priority list of rooms that should be upgraded in a home. There’s something extremely stimulating about spending time in an immaculate bathroom. One of the most important steps in achieving the bathroom of your dreams is in selecting the right shower screen based on the functionality that you require as well as the style you want.

Know Your Budget

Of course, knowing your budget is the most vital thing to consider, but you would be shocked how many people don’t first check at their budget before deciding which shower screen to purchase. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake!   Choosing an expensive product is never a good idea if you can’t afford it. Bella Vista suggests being realistic about your specific budget and ensuring that you stick to that amount.


Bathroom Size

For those who have a small bathroom, a shower screen with clear glass is the most appropriate choice. The clear glass offers a simple look and doesn’t cramp the room size; rather it gives the illusion of extra space. Additionally, a frameless shower screen is recommended for a small bathroom because the screen has no huge attachments to highlight limited space.  A shower screen with tinted or frosted glass panes is best advised for bigger bathrooms because these screens will not affect the proportions of the room.

Type of Screen

There is a wide range of shower screens available so it is important to make sure that you choose the one that has an artistic appeal for your bathroom. You are able to choose from frameless shower screens, semi-framed, semi-frameless or fixed panels with  hinged or sliding doors.

Texture and Color

Primarily, the first things to consider before installing a shower screen are the right texture and color. These two must complement the other colors, materials, and fixtures that you want to use in your bathroom. Selecting neutral or transparent glass is the safest choice as these colors can be easily combined with almost any shade in the room.


Ease of Maintenance

In purchasing a shower screen, you also need to be mindful of maintenance. For instance, cleaning a clear glass screen is much easier compared to cleaning a frosted screen. Moreover, soap crust may be more evident on frosted shower screens than on clear glass styles. So if you’re looking for shower screens that are easy to clean, then  frameless is the best option for you as there are no tiny areas where dirt and soap can build up.

Selecting the most suitable shower screen for your bathroom goes a long way in making this one of the most gorgeous areas in your home. As this is a bathroom component that is expected to last for a long period of time, you should be careful in making your selection.  It will be a big help to you to list down all the necessary points that you need to consider before choosing the most suitable one for your bathroom.

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Bella Vista Bathware

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