Whether you’ve joined the “tiny house” bandwagon, you’re looking for money and energy saving alternatives or you’re in the midst of planning an interior remodel, it’s probably safe to say that you understand the importance of executing the appropriate placement of interior lighting. Since there is no standard lighting rule for any given space, you may find yourself needing to get creative. Here are a few fun and innovative ways to utilize LED lighting within your home or work space!

Outlet Covers


As an inexpensive alternative to the standard night light and bulbs, this LED light operates with an annual expense of a nickel with light lifespan reaching nearly 25 years. The LED light automatically turns on if the surrounding area is dark and will turn off by itself when the area is well-lit. Once a standard outlet cover is replaced with the new LED cover and electricity to the outlet has been successfully restored, the patented “power extractors” terminals that are found on the backside of the plate will draw power from the electrical box to supply power to the light. Without the need for rewiring, the installation can be completed in five steps or less making it a quick and easy weekend project for those with minimal home improvement experience. It’s the perfect way to light your way!

Starry Night

A French artist had a vision to create an LED masterpiece in the middle of London that would allow the residents the rare opportunity to view the clear, starry night sky – an otherwise uncommon reality due to the high levels of smog that normally cloud the sky. As mentioned in this Bringing the Stars Back to London article, the visionary responsible for creating this man-made sky of Constellations was able to do so utilizing wire, solar panel lights, nylon lines and fiber optic cables. As a simple DIY alternative, you may consider installing LED string lights on your bedroom ceiling to create your very own relaxing, starry night experience.

Rope & Light Strips


If you are looking for a small-space-friendly lighting solution for your “tiny home” or beloved RV, consider the easily-installed LED rope light or LED light strips as a cost-effective and space-saving solution. From under-the-cabinet lighting in your kitchen to installing them underneath your bed frame or headboard to help create the perfect bedroom ambiance, the options for utilizing these LED lights in your small space are endless.