Searching for an ideal mattress? Since you spend one-third of your life asleep, choosing a quality mattress is important to support your well-being. But with all the things to consider, from body support to budget, the hunt can be a challenge. A lot of people forget so many important factors that they end up buying the wrong item. Here are 8 expert suggestions for you to try when finding your ideal mattress.

Understand the five mattress types


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The type of mattress you choose will play a vital role in giving you a better snooze. Generally, there are five main mattress types available on the market. It’s important to understand each type to decide which one is best for you.

Open-spring mattresses are made of a one long piece of spring wire. While it is the most common type and usually the most affordable choice, it doesn’t always offer the best support for long-term use.

Pocket-spring mattresses offer support through springs that are individually placed inside fabric pockets. They are considered to offer better support than the open-spring type. Different materials like wool and synthetic fabrics can be used as fillings.

Memory foam mattresses are constructed using high-density foam instead of springs, allowing them to conform to the body while providing comfort and support.

A latex mattress is a good choice for those sensitive to synthetic materials. They are made of natural components and have no metals. They are also generally thicker.

Gel mattresses are created by combining traditional memory foam and gel. They have become increasingly popular in providing a cooling effect during sleep.

Consider back and neck support

Photo courtesy of Olichel via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of Olichel via Pixabay

Sleep comfort relies on a mattress’ capacity to provide back and neck support. If you wake up with body aches and muscle tension, the culprit must be a poorly performing mattress. When looking for a replacement, check if the mattress has the technology to reduce aches. It should be able to help align and support the body’s key pressure points. A good trick is to see if you can place your hand behind your lower back while lying on the mattress. The mattress is too hard if there’s a gap and it’s too soft if you’re having difficulties placing your hand. Symbol® mattress is designed to contour the spine for best back support while providing as much flexibility to the body as possible. See their latest collection at the 2017 AIFF Show.

Think about eco-friendly design


Image Credit from AIFF 2017 Exhibitor Mlily Australia

A mattress that takes care of your health and the environment? It may sound too good to be true, but there’s actually growing number of eco-friendly mattresses worth considering. An eco-friendly mattress and a healthy sleep routine can be a perfect combination. These mattresses are usually made with superior materials to allow breathable comfort and provide antibacterial protection. Instead of steel coils coated with chemicals, eco-friendly mattresses use organic cotton and wool. These mattresses are usually infused with ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender essence to prevent bad odor and bacteria growth.

This year at AIFF explore Mlily Australia that brings decades of experience in the mattress business to ensure that the still largely untapped potential of China is released within the Australian sleep service market.

Be mindful of your partner’s comfort


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The health benefits of choosing the right mattress are significant, but failing to consider your partner’s comfort can strain a relationship. Everyone has different comfort levels and it’s important to be mindful of this when buying a mattress. The right mattress should help you sustain a good sleep and a relationship. Test out the mattress with your partner. Lying down alone on a mattress feels different from lying down with a partner. If your partner is a snorer, look for a mattress designed to help regulate snoring. It should help elevate the snorer’s head and adjust the body position.

Seek the latest technology for your needs



Innovative mattresses with technological advancements have become more available. With all the options, it seems impossible not finding the mattress to suit any lifestyle. Those who manage their busy schedule with devices like smartphones can greatly benefit from a mattress that can be linked to a phone app to give you feedback on your sleep. Do you wake up at night sweating or shivering? Then consider a mattress that can help adjust body temperature to ideal levels. There are also mattresses that have biometric sensors to monitor your heart rate and breathing patterns.

2017 AIFF exhibitor Flexicare Mattress allows the user to adjust between fully reclined and seated positions, with independent control of both lumbar and leg support to improve quality of sleep and general comfort. Powered units are low-noise and controlled by a wired remote, making the system ideal for aged care and health facility needs.

Base mattress pressure on body weight

There’s no reason to sacrifice good sleep with the right mattress that adapts to your body weight. For people in normal weight range, consider a mattress that is neither too hard nor soft. To avoid body pains, take note of the “goldilocks rule,” that is, a mattress pressure somewhere in the middle should be good to counter muscle discomfort. For people on the heavier side, choosing a firm-er variant like a slim line mattress can balance out their body weight. On the other hand, the lighter a person, the softer the mattress should ideally be to provide support.

Test the range of options in person


Whether you’re considering a mattress, it’s best to test the range of options before making any decision. Try lying down on the mattress for about ten to fifteen minutes. Adopt your normal sleeping position or settle in, as you would, say, with your shoes off or while reading a book. Showrooms are a good place to shop smartly because you get to personally try out different options. It’s also worth noting that some retailers allow a 30-day trial period. Take advantage of this kind of perk so you can test the mattress better.

 Work within your budget


Budget is an important consideration in any mattress hunt. Avail of mattress sales for great deals. Mattresses on sale can offer you quality items at discounted rates. Since a mattress affects your health, think of buying the right one as an investment rather than as an expense. Never compromise your health because of the price. Of course, if you can’t feel the difference between an affordable and expensive option, it’s smarter to get the cheaper one.

Choosing a mattress is a highly personal experience. There is no one ideal mattress that fits everyone’s needs. Considering these tips on your mattress hunt should help you find the best option.

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