MOVI is focused on creating products that let you move the way humans were designed to.

Physical inactivity is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world, with most of us leading a sedentary lifestyle due to advances in technology and a work around the clock mentality. We’re putting our health in danger by sitting for up to 11+ hours per day, but having a full and busy life shouldn’t have to compromise our wellbeing.

We realized it was time for a change!

Daniel, founder at MOVI, began using a stand-up desk 4 years ago and immediately started to enjoy the benefits of being more active at work. It reduced his lower back pain and improved his overall wellbeing. But he eventually became frustrated by the mechanics and restrictiveness of the standing desks he tried and decided to take on the challenge of designing his ideal standing desk.

MOVI workspace_07

MOVI was born

While there are other desks on the market, MOVI is unique in both craftsmanship and intelligent features. It has been designed in consultation with several health experts, covering occupational health, osteopathy, spinal health and many others. Here are some of the features that make MOVI the ideal choice for your wellbeing.

  • Electric Height Adjustment

Unlike others standing desk platforms, MOVI is electric, making it easy to sit and stand at the touch of a button.  It remembers your exact standing height, giving you the best ergonomics, every time.  You’ll never strain your back.

  • Practical Space

MOVI gives you a 115cm x 70cm platform, giving you all the space you need so you can work the way you want, no matter what you do.  No cut-outs, keyboard trays or bulky handles: just one, clean, simple surface.

  • Stability

MOVI is stable, no leaning and no wobbling.  Perfect for dual monitors.

  • Bamboo Bench Top

MOVI uses natural bamboo, which is durable, sustainable and elegant.

It’s protective coating prevents scratches and stains, and it’s easy to clean.

  • Ergonomic Suitability

MOVI adds 44cm of height to your existing workspace, so it ergonomically suits people from 5’ all the way up to 6’ 4”.

  • Extra Features

There’s an integrated USB port for charging, soft rubber feet that won’t scratch your desk, and a timer to remind you to move.

MOVI workspace_06

MOVI’s motto is improving the everyday health and wellbeing of people while they work, while not compromising on aesthetics or elegance.

There is nothing else on the market that gives you what MOVI does, and after two years in perfecting their design, MOVI ready to launch.

Visit our website to find out more about the MOVI stand-up desk, and get ready to transform your office to an uplifting and healthy workspace.

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