A new decade has dawned and with it the furniture and interior design industry at large are looking towards designs and materials which fit the new Zeitgeist.

If one thing has shifted over the last decade, it’s the way we live and work in a way which is more thoughtful than the thirsty consumerism of the preceding decades.

We’re seeing a renewed interest world-wide in antiques and vintage influences, as well as bold colours with depth and penetration. Be inspired by the rich seams of inspiration running through global furniture design right now.

Bold, Monochromatic Colours

Image: Elle Decor

People often think in black and white when pondering monochrome. Yet it can be any block colour, and this year it’s all about being daring and not sparing bold colours like Cobalt Blue or Emerald Green.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Classic Blue, which feeds admirably into a bold palette of sea-greens and striking shades. The old adage that ‘blue and green should never be seen’ is officially redundant!

Explore Pantone’s 2020 colour palette suggestions here.

Organic Furniture Shapes

Given the worldwide political flux and continually revving engine of the information superhighway, it’s not surprising that furniture clients are looking towards comforting and cocooning shapes.

Organic shapes were big in Milan last year, celebrating asymmetry and shapes that occur in nature. Harnessing sustainable materials, these pieces are ideal to curl up into after a day in the concrete jungle!

We adore this “Eda-Mame” sofa from Piero Lissoni, available from B&B Italia.

Image: B&B Italia

Retro/Mid-Century Modern

Last year saw a renewed interest in modernist design, with the centenary of the Bauhaus movement celebrated around the world. Based on the famous premise that ‘form follows function’, the Bauhaus school fused art with the industrial, making beautiful but functional furniture accessible to many.

The results were artisanal triumphs, a fusion of glass, metal, wrought iron or different types of wood. It was the pre-cursor to the clean lines of the ‘Mid-Century Modern’ school of design, which has been experiencing a revival of late.

Mid-Century Modern Interior. Image: Architectural Digest

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