Velvet is elegant, luxurious, and calm. This interior design material is prominent in European-style themes especially the French provincial. Beyond the elegant beauty of velvet, do you know that this material can have positive effect to your health? According to studies, soft textured fabrics such as silk and velvet are associated with feelings of comfort and protection. These materials can also help one get better sleep and control adrenaline rush.

Like any other design element, velvet can be overwhelming when not properly incorporated into a design theme. You wouldn’t want to cross over to the territory of tackiness. Here are 10 ways to add the right amount of velvet in your design.

Add velvet in your sleek living room


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Many designers believe that velvet is not a recommended material in the tropics. The fabric can be uncomfortable in hot regions. A moderate amount of velvet, regardless of where you live, is acceptable. Instead of a massive chesterfield sofa, you can get a pair of blue velvet chairs with metal frames. The metal frames are aligned to a sleek modern theme, while the velvet cushion adds a spark of chic elegance.

Velvet + brass = perfection

Azucena Stool

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The furniture design ideas to watch out for 2017 involve organic materials, specifically brass and marble. For your minimalist living room, a white velvet chair with brass frames will exude class and simplicity. You can pair these lovely chairs with a glass coffee table.

Dark blue velvet for an eclectic Parisian look


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Velvet is dominant in French-inspired interior designs. For the upcoming year, turn your living room into an eclectic Parisian space. One velvet furniture can lift the style of the entire room. A dark blue velvet sofa can serve as the focal point of your interior design.

Explore the power of green velvet


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Colours have undeniable effects to our moods and emotions. Chromotherapy or colour therapy is an alternative medicine method that uses colours to reduce physical pain and treat mental disorders. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone, said: “We have a repository of information about a colour. For example, the colour blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we are children is a positive thing—it means playing outside and fun.”  Green is restful for the eyes and impacts one’s productivity. It is also linked to nature, harmony, and freshness.  When shopping for a furniture for sale in Darwin, choose a forest-green velvet sofa for your living room.

Sit like a royalty on a velvet duchess chair

No French interior design element exudes elegance more than a duchess chair. A pale pink velvet chair is perfect for your reading area or as a bedroom dresser chair. This furniture is an important element in the shabby chic interior design theme. Incorporate soft pastels, fresh flowers, pearls, and laces. The French duchess chair is graceful, feminine, and classy.

Jewel-hued velvet bed-heads


In Darwin, bedroom furniture choices are abundant. There are all sorts of items in various colours, forms, and textures. You can choose any type of bed, dresser, ottomans, and pillows. Adding a touch of velvet in your furniture is a lot easier with all the options before you. For instance, you can purchase a lovely velvet bedhead for an extra comfy look in your bedroom.

Additional layer of comfort on your bed

Photo courtesy of sfgirlbybay via Pinterest

Photo courtesy of sfgirlbybay via Pinterest

Incorporating velvet in your furniture design doesn’t need to cost a lot. A velvet chaise lounge chair or velvet throw pillows can make an impact. A velvet bed cover offers extra cosiness to your bedroom. Choose a mustard-colored cover that beautifully complements navy, oxford blue or any other dark shade of blue.

Go retro with a funky velvet 

Cromwell D+D & AIFF 2017 Exhibitor

Cromwell D+D & AIFF 2017 Exhibitor

Another interior design trend for 2017 is 1970s retro. It’ll be about vibrant colours, patterns and shapes, and textures. Maintain balance and harmony in your retro-inspired living room by limiting the colour palettes. A hot pink velvet sofa will go well with black-and-white throw pillows. Feel free to play with textures. Perhaps some leather and fur with velvet?

Have a velvety dining room design

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This 2017, you may want to do a bit of revamping in your dining area. Organic materials will be hot design elements, and a marble dining table for your Darwin home is a must-have. How do you infuse velvet in the dining room design? You can purchase white chairs with green velvet cushions. The cosy velvet material will complement the sturdy properties of marble.

Colourful velvets and leathers

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail via Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail via Pinterest

Cicero once said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Incorporate the 70s retro design into your library by mixing and matching colours, shapes, and textures. A violet velvet sofa can be paired with a burnt-orange leather chair. Add mustard-colored carpet and pillows in various hues, and you have a funky reading space.

Designing your home is a truly rewarding task. It can help you flex your creative muscles and reduce stress from your daily routine. Anything you find enjoyable is good for your mental health. If you’re revamping your interior design in 2017, take note of these trends. Incorporate velvet for a touch of elegance, luxury, and calm.